Brand Discovery

Brand discovery is just like self-discovery - you need to spend some time getting to know yourself before you can meaningfully connect with others. That doesn’t mean reading Eat Pray Love and taking a yoga class, it means taking a seriously deep dive into who you are, what you stand for. 

We help you establish who you are as a brand, and most importantly, communicate that story to your customers. Aye studios can help you establish your core mission, values, a visual brand kit and ideal customer avatars in an all encompassing Brand Guide

Your Brand Guide Will Include: 

  • Brand mission and vision 
  • Core values
  • Founder story 
  • Elevator pitch 
  • Ideal customer avatars 
  • Visual brand kit, including logos, typography & brand colours.

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Digital Strategy

Navigating the digital landscape is easssssy. 

Said no one, ever. 

It’s a wacky www. world out there, but we’re here to help show you the way. At Aye Studios, we can help you flesh out digital strategies and campaign ideas that drive tangible results.

Your Digital Strategy will Include: 

  • Digital marketing objectives
  • Ideal customer avatars 
  • Segmentation, targeting & positioning strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Unique value proposition
  • Channel planning
  • Budget allocation
  • Implementation plan
  • Reporting

If you’ve got your overarching digital strategy covered (touché), Aye Studios can conceptualize and implement custom digital campaigns specific to your business goals.

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